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Facing Criminl Charges?

You Need Information - Facing criminal charges can be a scary experience. One of the things clients fear most is uncertainty. Our lawyers can be with you through every stage of the process, including contacts with police and prosecutors, arrest, court appearances and trial. We’ll explain what’s happening, what your options are, and what will happen next. Court procedures and rules shouldn’t be secrets. Our clients will be fully informed of what they are facing, so good news or bad, you will know what’s happening and be able to make informed decisions.

An Experienced Attorney Can Make All The Difference

Our Office has 20 plus years of combined experience in Criminal Law. We’ve represented thousands of people in the Southern California Criminal Courts. Our criminal law team defends clients charged with all felony and misdemeanor crimes including: • Drunk Driving / DUI • Domestic Violence / Assault • Embezzlement • Attempted Murder • Murder • White Collar Crimes • Shoplifting / Theft / Identification Theft • Traffic Crimes / Violations / Infractions – reckless driving, hit and run, driving while suspended and revoked  • Drug Charges

Domestic Violence Charges

Representing a client charged with domestic violence requires particular care and skill.  The arrest, and possible “no contact” orders, can greatly impact your family. If a legal separation, dissolution, or restraining order case occurs simultaneously with the criminal charges, our firm has attorneys who focus their practice on Domestic relations. So we can answer your questions and work to make sure the criminal charges don’t adversely impact your life.

Why Hire Us?

There are a lot of criminal law attorneys in Southern California. Why hire us?  We offer a “Team” approach, something that few lawyers can offer. Every week our criminal defense team meets to review police reports, plea offers, and to discuss trends and changes in the courthouse. You are guaranteed that your police report will be reviewed, and your plea offer and available defenses will be discussed, at our weekly team meetings. Whether it's the newest court of appeals decision, new court policies that were recently imposed, a change in sentencing policy at the DA's office or even a new Judge on the trial rotation. Our team approach and regular meetings insures you that we are aware of all factors that could affect your case. Call (951) 300-8867 now to get your case on our next team meeting schedule Contact Us Today For Help - Free Phone Interview Contact us today so we can begin working towards a favorable solution to your legal concerns. Call or Text today. We also offer a free 30 minute telephone interview.

We Are Here To Help You - With Our Convenient Payment Plan.

Call today for a Summary of our fees for your particular case.  We offer a no interest plan with a deposit and arranged monthly payments. 

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